View Full Version : Spanos Tells Smith, Schottenheimer To Shut Up

03-07-2006, 01:54 PM

Jay Paris of The North County Times reports that Chargers owner Dean Spanos has told his *******-and-moaning G.M. and head coach to shut up and play nice.

Spanos called the two of them into his office on Saturday to deliver the message.

Spanos recently released a statement indicating that the issue has been "dealt with, and the matter is now concluded."

Said Spanos: "I had several discussions with General Manager A.J. Smith and Coach Schottenheimer. I met with the G.M. and coach together. I told them in no uncertain terms that I don't pay them to be friends. I made it absolutely clear that I pay them to do their jobs.

"I expect nothing less than the highest level of professionalism from both the coach and general manager. I expect both of them to pull in the same direction at all times, toward a Super Bowl for the Chargers. The three of us left the meeting in agreement and we will now move forward, together, as an organization."

The problem likely originated when Jay Glazer of FOX reported earlier this year that Smith had lobbied Spanos to fire the head coach. We'd heard that Smith was later plotting to make another run at getting Marty fired after the last vacant head coaching job was filled in the 2006 hiring cycle.

Schottenheimer spoke on the matter a week ago, raising questions as to whether everyone in the organization is on the same page. Schottenheimer suggested that he wants to keep quarterback Drew Brees, at a time when it's obvious that Smith plans to let him walk via free agency.

In our view, Marty is concerned that he's being set up for failure, which will make it easier for Smith to get his wish in 2007. By speaking out now, Schottenheimer got the attention of the boss.

So now the boss is watching. So now it might be harder to Smith to make good on his obvious desire to run Schottenheimer out of town.

03-07-2006, 02:33 PM
i think he should of bish slapped that old coach..i mean im all for the chargers but their coach is an idiot..it proves that in the cowboys and denver game he has the best back in the NFL and he doesnt run the ball inside the cowboys 5 yrd line with less than a minute to go in the 4th quarter