I can't wait to get to Phoenix this weekend. This is going to be one of the best games of the year. I have spent a lot of time in Phoenix (grad school at ASU), however, I'm bringing my father along for his first taste of the Valley. A long-weekend of golf and Steelers football ... it doesn't get much better.

Aside from the obvious coaching connections, the Cardinals match-up very well against the Steelers. With the game being in Arizona, this could very well be the upset-special of the week. The one item that I have not seen discussed on this board is any advantage that Pittsburgh might gain from having played a common opponent this season.

We know that the Arizona coaching staff understands Pittsburgh's offense and defense, so this would imply an advantage to the Cardinals. That said, with both team's having played San Francisco, does that help to balance the scales a bit for Pittsburgh? Knowing first-hand what SF was and wasn't able to do against the Steelers should help them when reviewing the SF/ARI game tape and decide where Arizona's strengths and weaknesses are.

I'm hoping for a great game, as I believe both teams are some of the best in their respective conferences. Unfortunately for Arizona, the AFC is clearly better than the NFC right now ... and that will continue to display on Sunday.

Steelers 31 Cardinals 28