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Thread: Winners of the NFL 2012 Draft

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    Default Winners of the NFL 2012 Draft

    Now that the draft is over, we can finally sit back and figure who were REALLY winners that night. Some might say the Miami Dolphins were the winners of that night because of them drafting QB Ryan Tannehill. Then, some might say that the Steelers were winners that night because of them drafting David DeCastro. Many people has their own opinions.

    Who were your 2012 NFL Draft winners?

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    LOL - Ryan Tannahill...that kid is nowhere near NFL ready.

    If he's your guy...have fun...

    The winners are

    Colts- went from Manning to Luck - that's ******** incredible. I would have traded 3 first round picks to get Luck...and probably more. If he is kept upright they'll have 14 more years of incredible football.

    Dallas - moved up and got an incredible player...

    The losers are...

    Seattle - you serious picking a one dimensional player at 15 with his background....jail time and all....that's one way to mortgage the future...not my idea

    Rams - Rather than going for the blue chip players trading back for more depth....reminds me too much of Suggs for BJ and Pace....2 is not better than one. Fisher lost it when the Jags took Blackmon - tossed his glasses and said '****' . They thought they'd still get Floyd and justify it to Bradford and the team....but once we got Floyd...they were hosed again. They have no credible WR and the offense won't change....have fun scoring under 14 points a game.
    They did win in the trade with Wash - they have their 1st round pick next year and the the Rams may be picking 1st and 2nd next year.

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    love what dallas did. thought that was a great move by them.

    I think we are a winner even without a 2nd rounder.

    Seattle was just stupid.

    Didn't like Redskins double QB pick nonsense

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