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Thread: Official History of Arizona Cardinals DVD, is there one?

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    Default Official History of Arizona Cardinals DVD, is there one?

    Hello, I'm a cardinals fan from Great Britain, I'm just wondering if anybody knows why there isn't an official history dvd from NFL films. I think there should be as we have one of the oldest franchises in football, granted I understand we haven't been very successful but it's good for new fans to learn about the history of the franchise.

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    No, there is not. I think there only are those types of DVD's for the teams with multiple superbowls, like 9ers, Cowgirls, Stealers, teams like that. Best DVD the cardinals have is the yearbook DVD of our 2008 season.
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    There are team history DVDs for the Jets, Browns, Chargers, Vikings and Chiefs, among others. One on the Cardinals is overdue.

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