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Thread: NFL history for exited beginner from Europe

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    Default NFL history for exited beginner from Europe

    Hello everyone,

    in year 2000 I moved to USA from Denmark....I love it here!
    For many years I didnt pursue the Football Culture because I
    grew up with soccer and had no clue of any of the rules whatsoever.

    Just so happened that on my birthday I was invited out to a good friend and
    whatta ya know.....Cardinals was at Superbowl ..... I was overloaded with information
    and explanations as I watched my first Football game.

    I am now sold on the idea that it is the greatest sport ever and I am learning watching
    reading all I can get my hands on. Fantasy channel is great and I am catching up on
    as much as I can......however,m I would like to be a bit more in control of what I watch.

    Forgive me for being wordy, but as I now am so exited about football and realize that
    for me 75% of the depth of a game comes from the history of the teams I am now trying
    to catch up on a few things.

    Firstly, I would absolutely LOVE if I could watch the whole AZ Cardinals season leading up
    to the Superbowl. Does anyone know how to go about that????
    Maybe I will be able to sift the net which leads me into the next question, what year was that
    and what coach did we have, and what QB?

    Also, I am interest in the History of the 49ers, do any have some good DVD titles for that?

    I am also trying to find DVDs about the basic strategies of the games, and perhaps a
    DVD on the evolution of football up till today or close.....still have to research what Read Option
    is all about.

    Some NFL History would be great, and since I am fascinated to say the least about
    watching the best plays ever, I would love to find something like that too. I have been searching
    for a whole recording of the best NFL game ever....dont really care whos opnion
    that comes from, but watching the cardinals once a week isnt enough for me right now LOL

    A football Life is a great series, BUT there is so much assumed history and linguistic that
    I have a hard time keeping up....many times the abbreviations are hard for me as well.

    So there you have it. Too much? Perhaps but I want to catch up with what you all
    was spoon fed with and there is a LOT.....

    Any help, advice or suggestions are welcomed with sincere appreciation.

    I added the 49ers to my list because I like their history and hope to see the at
    Superbowl some time soon.....Last year the Cardinals.....well it was VERY painful
    to watch the games, at least this year, a win is actually ball park.

    I have never watched a football game live so I hope to go see them in Phoenix soon.
    I think we will eat the Buccaneers for dinner.....

    Thanks again, also for a GREAT forum,


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    its going to take you years to gather all the information and history for these teams. As you know most fans follow a team since they were children. We learn from others about the past and live the present. As you can see I myself am not familiar with the AZ cardinals history prior to the Plummer era. Jake Plummer was a Quarterback for us during the late 90s/early 2000s.

    there is a box set about the Cardinals superbowl run was the 08 season. We had Kurt Warner our Quarterback who basically took us to our first SB appearance. As the years past bye I truly believe more and more that this was Kurt Warner team and he was the coach as well. your best bet is to also just talk to fans. Most fans can talk for hours about football and football history.

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    Had no idea this forum had more Danish Cardinals fans! Glad to hear that American is doing you well!

    Og god kamp i aften!
    [Insert upcomming NFC West champions picture]

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    Here's a good spot to find the history of the Cardinals franchise.

    As far as strategy, read option and best plays/games in NFL history... try There are a million videos on each of those topics.

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    I really like "A Football Life" on NFL Network, also available on DVD. One hour shows on Players, Teams and other things like the invention of the forward pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Switzerland View Post
    I really like "A Football Life" on NFL Network, also available on DVD. One hour shows on Players, Teams and other things like the invention of the forward pass.
    If thats the first game you watched then you witnessed grand theft Steelers Style.

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