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Thread: 2008 Cardinal SB all Warner! (According to Lienart)

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    Quote Originally Posted by M0J0 View Post
    I disagree.. Ken inherited him but he also stuck with the guy. He believed Matt was the answer at QB and it killed him. He's about to do the exact same thing in Tenn. He is horrible when it comes to assessing talent at the QB position.
    I find it funny that people crap on Whiz for not having turned a 5th, a 6th round pick and an UDFA into the next Tom Brady or Kurt Warner.

    There's only two of those in the history of the game.

    Kolb was the best available at a desperate time, and Whiz didn't bust up his ankle, separate his rib cartilege or give him a career ending concussion.

    As for Leinart, he inherited him from the previous regime, gave him an opportunity and he blew it royally.

    Does anyone seriously think that Whiz would have selecteded Leinart over Cutler back in the day?

    We frankly have no idea as to how Whiz would do developing his own QBOF.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flip View Post
    Ken took the roster that was a disaster under Denny Green and made them respectable at 8-8 his first year despite QB injuries. He must have been doing something right, Warner was on the team prior to Whiz and there were no magical Super Bowl runs or even respectability . That being said, I think he believed that he was solely responsible for the success and his ego grew way too big. Who knows he may realize that now and do things the right way in Tennessee
    Ken didn't do anything... Warner played better and the young players that green drafted got more experience. 8 and 8 in my book is not a good season. The most wins Whiz got was 10 with warner...Arians In his 1st year with a bad QB got us 10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZCrazy View Post
    Guys are ripping on Leinart, but he's right. Whiz should have taken the job in Detroit. He'll fail miserably in Tennessee.
    Every year he's happened to have a pro bowl quarterback on his roster, Whiz has been a genius. Every year he hasn't , he's been a buffoon.

    Not great insight to say that you need a great qb to win in the NFL, but he doesn't have one in Nashville.
    A great QB isn't needed to win a Super Bowl if the team has a great defense. Look at Doug Williams and Russel Wilson.

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