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Thread: The difference over the years

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    With this being the bye week and not wanting to get into next spring's draft talk or post-season FA I thought to revisit this thread and am glad I did. Thanks for the comment and info, Muncus, in your last post. Your having a DVD of the '47 Cardinal-Eagle Championship game is startling to me. Not knowing such a DVD even existed I have to inquire as to how to get one myself? Can you help me in this regard? I know my family would love it, too.

    Well, here we are at the season's mid-point and issues brought up and discussed on this thread can be revisited.
    We have an O-line rated No.9 overall in the league. Our first-year DC has kept our defense tough and effective. Carson Palmer is not only a clear candidate for Comeback Player of the Year but is in the running for NFL MVP! There's major contributions being made by rookies and 2nd year players as starters or key substitutes. You have the eye-popping performances of No.11 and CJ and the steadying hand of BA overseeing our first-place status.

    If the talk revolves around 'differences' we have a barrellfull of them and could compare and contrast this thread for a week! We had back-to-back exciting and rewarding seasons in '08 and '09 and now are on the verge of revisiting that success. So, I guess the biggest difference for me is how our Cardinals are now being taken seriously and accepted among the NFL elite teams hoping to make a SB run.

    We will have consecutive SNF games this month as a result of being 'flexed'. To go to Seattle and challenge the division's defending champions on national TV give us an exciting chance to impress the fans elsewhere and then to host an AFC division leader, our QB's former team, in your stadium's 100th straight sellout...well, who'd a thunk?

    It's shaping up to be an exciting 2nd half to the season. I am confident BA and the squad's leaders, CP and No.11 and PP and CJ and No.32 will be up for the challenge!

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    Oh the power of modern technology. I sure it was on VHS/Beta or recorded some other means via game films, etc and converted to DVD. Amazing that they could put it on DVD. Not sure if it would be in color at the time but could be converted to color with technology and I wouldn't doubt if somewhere in the near future they could take a silent black and white film and convert it with fully digitize it with sound and 3-D.
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