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Thread: on this date in Cardinals history

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    The 3-9-1 Eagles met the 3-9-1 Cardinals in St. Louis. The teams combined for 1,087 yards (589 for Cardinals). Cardinals quarterback Charley Johnson completed 17 of 32 passes for 386 yards. Sonny Jurgensen of the Eagles was 15 of 34 for 419 yards.

    Cardinals back John David Crow scored four touchdowns and also completed two passes in the 45-35 St. Louis victory.
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    Default And On This Date In Cardinals History?

    In my years of following the Cardinals they have never played a regular season game with more on the line than tonight. Yes, there have been more meaningful contests but this one is unique in so far as establishing themselves as the team to beat.

    Certainly you Valley fans and Big Red fans everywhere are tingling with excitement in anticipation of the kickoff and outcome against our division rival and defending NFL Champions. The team is on the verge of garnering its twelfth victory, the most in franchise history. While being the conference frontrunner since Week 1 they can lockup home field advantage throughout the playoffs with a game still to play! With a victory they force any visiting team to come to Arizona and face you fans. Imagine, no need to travel to a Lambeau Field game in January, no threat of facing the Cowboys before a 1000,000 of their fans, no travelling to Seattle and facing a title defending Seahawk team on their home turf. This team epitomizes the 'Gung Ho' spirit of our nation's military- next man up and focus on the mission. A lockerroom speech could easily include a reminder of this team winning tonight for all their teammates who have been unable to continue this journey and win for them, too.

    We win this game and we establish the franchise and this team as something new and special and see our fan history remade. And to do this with all the distraction and adjustments they have overcome this campaign is remarkable. This game has the feel of an othertime title prize fight, a fifteen round contest for all the marbles, a slugfest that these players and coaches have dreamed of all their careers. And when they win this game they get to shift gears and prepare to make more history as they will have to face the media pressure that surely will come week by week in anticipation of being the first team to play in a Super Bowl in its home stadium. You think tonight is big...we have never experienced will is over the horizon.

    Go Cards...beat those Seahawks and make yourselves 'King of the Hill!'

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    Well put. I second everything you said. Even if we win today though and getting home field the entire playoffs, I still see us getting no respect and many still picking us to get bounced from the playoffs. I just hope it fires up the team as much as it does me.

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