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    There have been a handful of men in franchise history who established themselves as our preeminent HC's in their first three seasons. BA is now knocking on that door, too.

    Victories in our next two games would push his winning percentage over .700 and guarantee making him the first Cardinal HC to begin his tenure with winning seasons in his first three campaigns. Having already won consecutive 'Coach of the Year' awards he would be in position to win a third.

    Overcoming last season's disappointing end and picking up where the team was then after ten games and with a healthy squad, too, he enhances three qualities we see in our Cardinals,i.e. innovation, resiliency and excitement.

    I can almost feel the pride my father must have carried around with him experiencing the success Jimmy Conzelman brought to Chicago's Sou'side in standing up to Bear fan bravado. Conzelmann is the franchise's best all-time HC. Now BA is lapping other coaches who flashed and brought excitement but no championships.

    BA may not be able to overcome the Cardinal curse of our tendency to give the lead away and turn a game into a nail-biter, for that seems to be 'written in the stars.' But, he appears able to lead us to 'snatching victory from the jaws of defeat' rather than the reverse, and that could bode well for us in the playoffs.

    Do I dare believe that the best is yet to come? By our next home game the No.1 seed in the NFC could be in play for Carolina might have one or two losses, for their three upcoming games will be challenging.

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    Been real pleased with BA from day 1..... I know he was a bit of a shock to many legacy Cards fans who still believed in the Great Houdini and his Phantom Playbook (ie Whiz and his "system".) but time will tell how the BA era stacks up to the Great coaches some believed So deeply... But some of us have never been nor never will be believers in smoke and mirrors...
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