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Thread: Joe Namath's Diss Answered

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    Back in the 1965 Draft, when the NFL was warring with the upstart AFL for talent, we picked the Alabama star QB, Joe Namath. But, so did the recently renamed New York Jets who were looking for a 'name player,' someone dynamic to save the floundering franchise in its battle with the New York Giants. The AFL needed a flagship team in New York to survive, afterall, NBC in New York was bankrolling the league.

    We lost out to the Jets because their flamboyant owner, New Yorker Al Davis and NBC pooled their various resources to bring the strong armed Namath to the Big Apple and make him a 'star.' Stormy and Bill Bidwill didn't stand a chance bringing him to St.Louis. If the Cardinal had still been in Chicago maybe the bigger city limelight could have convinced Joe to join the NFL. But, being from Pennsylvania, Joe had him heart set on New York and the rest is history. Joe was too unkind to both St.Louis and the NFL in his interviews and then, and evermore, dissed them, making this chapter in Cardinal history a difficult read for us old school Big Red fans. I have never met a Joe Namath fan who lived and died with the Cardinals. It was a big blow to us not being respected and able to build a team around him. Our only solace was a couple of years later whjen UDFA, Jim Hart, was signed and eventually allowed us to 'let go' of the controversial Namath.

    Now, what has happened? We have signed, Jake Coker, of Alabama! He did something Namath didn't do under 'Bear' Bryant, that is, win a national championship. Like Joe, he is strong armed, a team leader and a winner. But, most important, he picked us! It will be interesting to watch his development and see if he follows the path carved out by Jim Hart and 'answers' the diss of Joe Namath so many years ago?

    Let the camp competition begin, fans, it's USC vs. Alabama this summer for the 3rd-string QB job!

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    Such an awesome story!!! Never knew about this at all.

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    Great read Slick
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