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    Here in the Chicago area we are given a glimpse of the history of the Bears in a running feature called "Historic Moments" from Chicago Tribune archives .They pull info from '' This is something your Valley newspapers could copy or provide online for your benefit, to better familiarize fans with the teams' history in an entertaining way.

    Here's today's entry, entitled "November 22, 1925: Bears sign Red Grange"

    "Pro football took a big step forward when George Halas signed Red Grange out of the University of Illinois in 1925 and took him on two barnstorming tours. Although the crowds weren't always as big or as enthusiastic as they would have liked, the tour definitely generated publicity. Grange played his first game for the Bears on November 26th in front of 36,000 fans at Wrigley Field. The Bears and Cardinals played to a scoreless tie, but Grange gained 92 yards from scrimmage, added 56 yards on punt returns, threw six passes and had a key interception." This excerpt is accompanied by a photo of owner Halas and a young HOF'er to be Red Grange.

    I have read various accounts of the game itself and it was a wild affair, especially in the context of how the game was played in that era and the city rivalry between us and the upstart Bears. There are at least two other games against the Bears of a historical nature for us that could appear in this running feature. There is the famous Thanksgiving game of 1929 when our Ernie Nevers scored six TD's and, I think, four drop-kick conversions to set the all-time NFL scoring record that still stands. And, also, there's the final game of the 1946 season that my father attended when the underdog Cardinals earned a .500 record when they defeated the heavily favored Bears. That victory set the stage for our own 1947 championship season.

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    TS, wonderful idea. Nostalgia sells well and make folks feel good about the home team in just about every NFL city. Just wondering, does the Trib own the Bears & Cards story copyright? I'm guessing, Yes. For Phoenix to pull off a similar Cards nostalgia tour, some money might have to change hands between the Chi, Stl, and Pho city papers. On the other hand, the Cards history in the desert doesn't offer much to write about until the start of the 2008 season.

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