Like many of you fans have read about, Adrian Peterson's comments has caused a stir in NFL social media. As a FA is he playing musical chairs with the Vikings? Is he intrigued about signing with the G-Men because he sees them as closer to a SB-run than Minnesota?

This scenario of a top RB coming to the Giants at his careers' perceived sunset could be a repeat of what O.J. experienced with New York. The Giants will favor fielding a team built around the running attack and the defense and when they traded for 'Juice' the Cardinals felt his best days were behind him. The trade upset me, the fan, but was great for the player and his new team.

Anderson was far from spent and his class and experience was carefully utilized for a number of seasons. He was valuable in post-season games as he helped the Giants to the SB and, even, being voted its MVP. Could only have been more happy for him if our Cardinals had made it to a championship. If the Giants think they are only missing the play of an elite RB to complement Eli and whatever passing attack they will have then Adrian could be New York-bound.

If New York signs a Bavaro- like TE, (Jermaine Gresham?) then look for New York to pursue Peterson and try and have history repeat itself. Just thinkn'...