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Thread: Ty Branch reportedly takes 50% pay cut

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurpriseCardFan View Post
    3rd or 4th rd pick for Sheldon Richardson who is FA in 2018 when Cards have plenty of cap room --; $8M against the cap in 2017 -- connection to make deal with Bowles ?? 2 yrs ago this guy was unbelievable but 2016 was very underwhelming -- does he need new scenery ?

    NOTE: I am just trying to connect dots as I just feel like something is up -- I have no contacts with team and so the above is 100% speculation but it feels like a trade is coming. After all this is a sports forum and it is fun to sometimes speculate --- as I did that M. Floyd's alcohol issue might be a problem 7 weeks PRIOR to his DUI.
    Yep we are all just speculating and yep it's fun and the right place for it.

    Revis was just cleared of all charges in his legal thing...

    As for Richardson...he came out great but last two years has regressed, been suspended for weed 4 games, then was busted racing a car 140 miles an hour with 2 guys and a 12 year old all smelling of weed in his car, and this last season disciplined for stupid social media. Not sure if that's what we're looking for, no matter the talent.
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