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Thread: Is RGIII an upgrade over Stanton?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichiganCards View Post
    Does 2014 ring a bell? Stanton has won more games than he lost for us. And I bet he'll continue to do so if needed. I'm incredibly happy he's here and I'd love to see your evidence that says Stanton can't do what he did in 2014
    Every time Stanton took a snap on a pass play, even from my nose bleed seats, I could tell where he was throwing the ball. He stares down receiving way too much. We won the games with him on great defense or just barely with some luck. Wasn't one of those wins a 6 to 3 win over a terrible Rams team on TNF? Couldn't score a touchdown, luckily we made a couple FG's to win the most unexciting game of all time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JosEPh_II View Post
    On a side note: the Eagles cut/released Chase Daniels today. If we needed a QB to challenge Stanton, then imo Daniels would be the one who could.

    This has merit as the guy's only 30 and could learn the Cards system before he gets his turn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazy-Canuck View Post
    Who said it was an open competition for the number 2 spot in the previous preseasons?.
    Wow. Really? Well that sucks.'s kinda f stupid.

    ...........the ******** hung me in the spring of '25...........

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