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Thread: Any word on our Young guys?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PUTMEIN View Post
    If Keim has $100M more in cap space this time next year, maybe he can steal Stafford away from Detroit. I don't think Keim can get Stafford without redoing a bunch of contracts, thus wreaking the Cards first team roster. If the roster is wrecked, then what's the point?

    (I started 2 sentences with 'ifs.')
    Keys to SK's thinking will be:

    (1)What does he do with the current cap space---does it go toward some one-year prove-it deals, one big splash, or does he roll it over to next year?

    (2) If the Cards take a QB in the 1st or 2nd, would guess that a veteran option (Stafford or Bradford) would be less. If the Cards pass on a QB in this draft, have to believe that SK is squirreling away his cash/comp draft picks for next year. Focus on a rebuild of the D through this draft and make the Cards an attractive landing spot in 2018.

    (3) What does BA do---if his health holds and he has a winning season he might stick for 2018. BA needs a vet QB who knows NFL defenses and how to prepare for games and dig into his playbook. BA is not a coach that can make it happen quickly with a rookie QB especially given the reduced live-action time a #3 (or even a #2) gets through the season. Not too many college QBs are coming into the pro-ranks with the game experience & practice time with BA's style of offense.

    You could look at all our FA losses this season as a way to rebuild---instead of trying to hold on to guys and wreak the cap space . . . just let 'em go to greener pastures.

    Rollover the cap + stockpile comp picks + rebuild the defense with this year's draft + start our young guys = $$$ and cap space to bid on a young vet (name your favorite, Stafford, Bradford, Cousins)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dry Heat View Post
    From a PFF QB analysis of Cousins:

    "This (they had just discussed his improving accuracy from 2014-15-16) showed up in his deep-ball numbers as well. Cousins’s passer rating on passes aimed 20 or more yards downfield this year was 118.1 – the fourth best in the league, behind only Matt Ryan, Tom Brady and Sam Bradford. He ranked just 16th in that statistic a season ago."

    He was also second to Andy Dalton on deep post and corner routes for 2016.

    I like catching Cousins because he went to high school where a bunch of my old friends (and now their kids) went to high school. His numbers climbed as he impressively learned Gruden's offense, and are still great even though he struggled with it at first. Similar to Palmer's first half season with BAs. I caught a few of his performances last year and he was dropping dimes deep, and showing a lot of competitiveness. I'd like to see what he could do with our offense and a solid defense like ours helping him out.

    One thing he did have was a solid Oline...he did not face a ton of pressure. But no QB does great under pressure. Except Warner.
    The bottom line is we have a ton of options next year, which is why i don't want to reach this year. There are four potential first round QBs in next years class and all are more prepared than the kids coming out this year. Add Stafford, Bradford and Cousins to the mix and we have seven quality guys to choose from. I'd stack our defense through this year's draft and take a late flyer on Kaaya, Peterman or Kelly this year. The first two won't ever be more than a backup, but they will replace Stanton on the cheap. (two years from now)

    Next year, I'd make a run at Cousins, Stafford, or Bradford. If we get one great. If not, and our defense has gets stacked in this years draft, next year, I'd draft two QBs and let Stanton be the insurance while they develop.

    We are fortunate to have things set up the way they have. This years class is loaded with defensive talent at positions of need for us. Next years class is loaded at our offense needs. It's rare drafts offer great depth in the areas you need most. Reaching for a QB this year is not in our best interest.

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    Cousins will go to San Fran the first chance he gets

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