The passing of Mr.Rooney owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers is sad and NFL fans should salute his family's longevity and loyalty to the NFL and their contribution to its evolution. Of course, his son, the founder, Art Rooney's grandson, took over day to day operations a few years ago. It shows the gradual changing of the guard in a family owned franchise.

There are only a handful of pre-WWII era teams from those original franchises still in operation and the Cardinals are one of them. The sole original team that can claim continuous ownership is the Chicago Bears with us, the Steelers and Lions the others who can show a longtime league involvement.

The Cardinal franchise was bought from its original owner by Wm.Bidwill's father, Charles (Blue Shirt) Bidwill, minority owner of the Bears at the encouragement of George Halas, to maintain the Cardinals as a viable team and rival in Chicago. His sons, Bill and Stormy eventually took over the team with Bill buying out his brother. And now, Charles Bidwill's grandson, Michael, is the current operating owner. A whole slew of comparisons and similarities to the Steelers' organization and ownership history. Check it out...they are all over early NFL history and,also, today.