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Thread: Advice wanted for UK fan's first NFL game

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    Default Advice wanted for UK fan's first NFL game

    I am a fan in Scotland visiting Arizona in November and am hoping to go the the Seahawks game. As I have not been to an NFL game before I have a few questions.

    When and how is the best way to get a ticket, would I have any chance of getting a ticket from the Cardinals when they are released or is it best to get a ticket from Ticketmaster. when do the Cardinals release single game tickets and is there a best time to get a reasonably priced ticket on ticketmaster (I wouldn't want to leave it late, I would like to get the ticket sometime before the season starts)

    I will be staying near Tucson at the time (I had set up my Itinerary to be in Phoenix on a couple of Sundays to try and catch a game hadn't thought about TNF), is there any fan transport or would I be best hiring a car?

    What is the best thing to do concerning parking, am I right in thinking parking at the stadium is only for season ticket holders, would I be best getting public transport from the centre of town (if there is any) as I will probably stay in Phoenix on Thursday night.


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    Default As far as transportation is concerned...

    Renting a car is probably your best bet. The stadium is on the far west end of town. You can buy parking passes from scalpers on the way to the stadium - or online (

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    The scalpers on the way to the stadium are much more expensive than StubHub. If you plan it right they can mail it to you if you happen to buy it at least five days before the game.

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