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Thread: Jim Hart...Ring of Honor

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    Default Jim Hart...Ring of Honor

    Congrats to one of my first Cardinal heros.
    Big Red fan since 1967

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    "Let's Shock The World" - Kurt Warner Jan 10, 2009 after defeating Carolina Panthers 33-13

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    Yes, congrats to Jimmy Hart. He and I share two things in common: alma mater; love for the team. If it wasn't for SIU and Jimmy Hart, I may never have become a lifetime Cards fan.

    For the life of me, I've never been able to figure what qualified Charles W. Bidwill to be enshrined on the Ring of Honor. His life is bereft of the things that typically garner enduring gratitude.

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    I am very happy Jim is getting some well deserved credit for his accomplishment's.

    Other than Jim Bakken and Larry Fitzgerald, no other Cardinal has played more games as a Cardinal. How can he not be in the Ring of Honor.

    He and Don Coryell basically change the game. Sure Air Coryell wasn't coined till after Don went to the chargers, but it all started with Jim, Mel Grey, and jet stream Green. ( the dynamic dual as I remember them being called ).

    I'm a little curious. I live about 80 miles north of St Louis. I use to listen to KMOX. It was the Cardinal station.

    Jim and Dan Dierdorf use to have a show on KMOX. They would talk about the game and even take least that's how I remember it. Does anyone remember that?

    It was funny, Jim would be somewhat introverted, while Dan seemed to be at home doing it. As we know, Dan later became an announcer for Monday night football.

    Also, Jim and Dan started a restaurant called Dierdorfs and Harts. Is that still going on?
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