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Thread: Article: Cardinals poised to clean up on 2018 compensatory picks

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    Quote Originally Posted by AriS. View Post
    Those players left chasing bigger money. Those comp. picks do matter. Because if the Cards do send a draft package for a QB then they still have some picks to take players. Lots of good players can come out of those rounds. Heck Jefferson wasn't even drafted.

    I do think the more picks you have the better position you put yourself in for that big time QB without gutting your draft too much.
    Having those extra picks just gives Keim more darts. Even he has said that the draft is such a crap shoot that merely having quantity gives you better odds at getting lucky and backing into quality.

    However, when it comes specifically to packaging picks to move up for a potential franchise QB, the comp picks are largely irrelevant, and nothing more than a trade kicker.

    The picks necessary to make that kind of move would be (multiple) 1s and 2s.

    In my mind, if Keim's plan all along had been to DRAFT the QBoF, he would have been stockpiling HIGH 2018 picks as far back as the '15 draft. For instance, trading a '15 #4 for a '16 #3. Then trading that #3 for a '17 #2. Then trading that for an '18 #1. Those kind of moves signal a GM who is thinking 2-3 drafts out and knowing that he will need capital to go up.

    I continue to think that the plan from the beginning has been to follow the Warner/Palmer blueprint, and bring in a veteran. Which is why they aren't wasting their time drafting a guy. Stafford, Bradford, Cousins. Unfortunately, there is luck needed to make those things happen, and the Cards haven't had any. The Lions miraculously took a 4-12 team to a 9-7 record. Bridgewater looks like he might not ever play another snap. And Shanahan is almost certainly going to pay a fortune to bring Cousins to SF.
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