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Thread: Arizona Cardinals Sign QB Blaine Gabbert On a One-Year Deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robert ethan View Post

    There are a ton more, and these aren't the best examples.

    This is the last time I'm responding to you. It's like explaining a technical glitch to an automated voice answering system. You either get taken off on wild tangents or get stuck in a dead end feeback loop repeating the same things over and over again.
    Here is what you said exactly: The coaches of Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, and Russell Wilson are all telling them to change their games to get rid of the ball quicker, because they're getting the crap beat out of them. You're suggesting the Cards need a guy to do what their coaches are trying to cure them of.

    What I'm reading here according to the articles you shared (and thank you by the way) is coming from the QB's themselves not the coaches, self criticism if you of the coaches saying he's the quarterback he'll fix it and Cam's coach even going so far as to say "if Cam says he's going to do something then he will". And that's fine no argument there about getting rid of the ball quicker, you just defined it as coming from the coaches as though they are advising that those guys shouldn't scramble so much in response to my reference to CK's attribute. Getting rid of the ball quicker, as your link shows, isn't just about a QB scrambling. Wilson for example needs to get rid of the ball quicker because of a poor offensive line. And if I recall correctly while responding here, with Luck it was in part his feeling the need to make quicker reads. You really seem to always try and define things according to your own personal view. But anyway.....I'll respect your decision. Nice trying to communicate and see ya' later. We both wanna see the Cardinals win and ultimately that's what counts here. Peace out rob'.
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