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Thread: Rookie WR Chad Williams

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    Default Rookie WR Chad Williams

    Hey guys just wondering what you all think of him? From what I'm hearing he's practicing pretty good so far at mini camps and trying to learn from Fitz. Sounds like he could be a pretty good WR for the Cards in the future

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    Never seen him play 1 snap in college..and everything in otas is good news if it's not injury related lol
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    Huge fan of his personality. I think hes a good kid and a hard worker.

    Not impressed by his game tape. He seems like a straight line speed guy only. I dont see any lateral agility out of him. I think hes a classic catch-tackle guy. No extra yards.

    I think Jaron Brown will ultimately outplay him. Chad will settle in as a nice #2 or #3 in the future.

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