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Thread: Gut feeling who the cardinals may pursue for Qb after Palmer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canyonram View Post
    KC made the decision that Mahomes was worth the gamble and the draft picks. They have Smith under contract and will have opportunity to evaluate Mahomes and still have the protection of a vet QB in Smith.

    Cards chose not to make that gamble. I agree with that decision, especially with the QB options in this last draft. While Smith may not have the huge downfield arm, BA will suffer fewer ulcers over Mahomes playing playground street ball.

    When Palmer retires, Smith should be one of the QBs under consideration. He would bring a vet presence and understanding of pro-defenses. Cards would not have to devote several years on a college QB gamble while the rest of the roster ages and is not replaced by draft picks that were traded away.

    Cards can shift gears and go more to DJ and solidify the D. A proven 'game manager' will give us a better opportunity to win with our current roster than a QB undergoing on-the-job training.
    Even an unproven game manager like Sanchez got to the AFC Finals in his rookie year with the best D and running game in the NFL. If your premise is we are going to have a great D and running game we can afford to give up picks for a rookie as much as we can afford to trade picks for Smith. It will also leave us cap room for other players who can help right away. Smith will not just cost picks, if anyone perceives that they can get to the playoffs with him he is likely to get a pretty expensive pay day. Unless of course the NFL GM's think he's a backup.

    Just to be clear I don't hate or love Alex Smith. I think he is a mediocre starting NFL QB. Not elite, not awful, mediocre part of a pack of guys between 12 and 25th best in the league. I think he isn't close to as good as Palmer who came really cheap to look at mostly because he played for the Raiders. Smith will cost more just because he was with a very good organization and had the benefit of a high quality surrounding cast, coaching staff and GM. Now if he is cut and wants to come in for peanuts on a 1 year deal to mentor the rookie or back up Gabbert, I'm all in.

    Here are a list of rookie QB's who made the playoffs in their first year:
    Russell Wilson Seahawks 2012 1-1 102.4
    Robert Griffin III Redskins 2012 0-1 77.5
    Andrew Luck Colts 2012 0-1 59.8
    Andy Dalton Bengals 2011 0-1 51.4
    Mark Sanchez Jets 2009 2-1 92.7
    Joe Flacco Ravens 2008 2-1 50.8
    Matt Ryan Falcons 2008 0-1 72.8
    Ben Roethlisberger Steelers 2004 1-1 61.3
    Jim Everett Rams 1986 0-1 54.2
    Dieter Brock Rams 1985 1-1 24.0
    Bernie Kosar Browns 1985 0-1 56.0
    Dan Marino Dolphins 1983 0-1 77.6
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