Just recently there was posted an article complimenting the Cardinal franchise. Development of FO personnel, coaches, and scouts is catching the eye of those around the NFL for hiring away these talented people. MB is being credited, rightfully so, as the primary reason for this happening. The tone of the article hints that more and better things will be achieved for you Valley fans as his growth as an owner occurs comiserate with expanding roles at the NFL level.

It seems reasonable for the Cardinals becoming more successful, more respected, and more copied because of MB for it very true that other teams looking to grow will follow the model of others' achievement. It has been a longtime wait for this fan who is rejuvenated, even energized, to the point of attending games played each year in nearby cities.

But, besides adding my accolades to MB's growing stature let me comment on the lesser seen achievement of his father Wm. Bidwill. For all the raucous debate that would happen if a forum were opened on his tenure of franchise ownership the one irrefutable success of his is simply the keeping the franchise alive and breathing, his 'holding until relieved' until MB could run the show.

Bill Bidwill has been involved with the franchise from his teenage years with interruptions thru his college and U.S.Naval service. He and his brother, Stormy, were denied learning from their father and being groomed to take over some day because of Charles Bidwill's death when too young. Michael and his older brother William, Jr. did get that exposure to learn from their father with Michael blossoming into the role we see him today.

I am sure that in any accolades that would come Michael's way he would deflect them and compliment his father in the various successes the franchise is experiencing. Yes, any discussing of Wm.Bidwill is of the '3rd rail' variety, but, the success of a Sam Houston rests on the sacrifice of Wm.Travis and Jim Bowie at the Alamo or Gen.MacArthur success at Inchon is attributable to Gen.Wayne Walkers' defense of the Pusan Perimeter in Korea. My point only is that while MB deserves credit to his untoward success as team owner, he more than any other, will defer and credit his father for it because, as any Marine is taught, you "hold until relieved."