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Thread: AE back to RB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sillysoft View Post
    I was a big fan of AE, but he just cant stay healthy. I always thought the guy was a speedster on the outside, get him the ball in open space. But usually when he is in, they have him going between the tackles or at least thats how I remember it. Oh well...
    AE runs too tentatively and he doesn't scare defenses as much as he did when he first entered the league. Bigger issue is his tendency to go down with first contact, not very good at shedding tacklers and even a weak arm tackle brings him to the ground. When he is in the line up, defenses know he is either blocking or running a wheel route which are really the only two things he has been effective at these last two years. Not to mention he does get injured.....a lot.

    His move from WR back to RB has to do with an excess of Wideouts on the team and in free agency and BA's offense reliance on his backs to block in his complicated scheme. Not sure he makes the team when you have Williams, Penny, Logan and now possibly CJ all wanting roster spots. Blood in the water and AE is probably the one to get eaten when it all shakes out.

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    BA said he needs to make the team as a RB

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    Quote Originally Posted by monsterike View Post
    BA said he needs to make the team as a RB
    BA message is clear....stumble again and you're done here, AE.

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