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I don't think anything CK says publicly will matter......at least until a team actually signs him. Meanwhile not only has he been passed over in favor of QB's with a lesser level of success than he's had, we now see one coming out of retirement having been offered a contract. The most objective thing one could rationalize about signing Cutler is that it reunites him with Gase. But in my opinion, Cutler's signing in conjunction with the "pray for us" comment from the Ravens is a clear indication that CK's performance as a QB is being totally ignored because of his controversial stance and has nothing to with whether he can help a team and/or what it's "system" is. Who says things like that about a player (praying?). This is a business who's primary goal is to win.
My question is...Have you seen any proof that CK even wants a job?..i`m not being sarcastic at all,i just have never heard from his camp that he is even interested