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Thread: The ongoing saga of Colin Kaepernick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiz View Post
    His stats suggest that a 3500 yard passing season is out of the question.
    Baltimore won a sb with a qb that we tried to minimize before and while our defense should be that good
    I'm not going to want to have to rely on hoping our qb can just minimize his mistakes
    How so?......and do the stats of any of the other FAQB's taken suggest otherwise??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiz View Post
    Your post suggested you were describing cutler
    True, it could apply to anybody. IMO Cutler has the worst body language I have ever seen from a "leader" on a team. Did his body language accurately reflect his attitude on the sidelines, in the locker room, at meetings, etc.? Don't know, don't care. Perception is reality. Want to change the reality, change the perception.

    Back to the business that is the NFL. The owners of NFL franchises have customers, and if their customers say they don't want an SJW distraction on the sidelines that's it. No Kaepernick. Of course that has limits, Kaepernick has a huge year in 2016 and suddenly the fans might be able to accept the SJW grandstanding for some extra Ws. Hypocritical? Hell yes. Does it matter? No. Somebody asked why Geno Smith has a job when Kaepernick doesn't. Pretty simple, Smith is/was considered the bigger benefit relative to the cost. Sounds crazy, I know.

    Kaepernick SJW'ed his way to the outside looking in. He got what he wanted.

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