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SRP has had a tough time with the power in my neighborhood in Chandler. Monday after I got home from work it went off for a few seconds, came back on so I reset my clocks. Goes off again a few times for a few seconds each time. I wait until bedtime to reset my alarm clock and set my phone in case of an overnight failure. Tuesday I get home from work with clocks flashing, 15 minutes earlier the power went out. Here's where it gets good. No less than 10 times over the next 2+ hours it repeats the scenario from Monday. Finally at 7:15 the big kahuna, power outage but not back on in a few seconds. So I wait five minutes and decide to go find some A/C so I head to a local tavern to enjoy a cold one and finish watching the DBacks lose a tough one to the Rockies. SRP says they will have it fixed by 9:15, that deadline passes and they say 11:15, finally about 9:45 I decide to go back home and grab a few things to take to a hotel. But when I go back my power is on, so I figure they fixed the bigger issue. I get home yesterday and no flashing clocks, so yep they got it fixed. Nope, not 15 minutes later I get my first quickie power outage, and I get another 4 or 5 before bedtime and my next clock reset. So today is a new day and I will see what SRP has in store for me when I get home.

On the plus side I can set the time on my stove, microwave and alarm clock in rapid fashion. Practice makes perfect.
O_H, do you live in Arizona or Somalia? That's not a real question of course. But, jeezo, stateside power interruptions like AZ's reminds me of a couple OCONUS deployments that I never want to experience again.