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Thread: Gabbert vs Stanton

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    I noted some confusion about the new PS rules for vets for the 2017 season. This link clears the fog. Next, find your calculator and the Cards latest 90-man roster.

    The bottom line is that teams might be able to hang onto a few more promising vets, those with a few months / years active roster experience, vice losing the entire player development investment to a competitor.

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    What roster mix SKBA finally agree on may have more to do with winning the NFC Championship than anything else. If the franchise is going 'all in' to make the SB than it will be a roster that will disappoint most younger fans. Once you're 'all in' committed there's no turning back.

    The veterans in the lockerroom will have the challenge of doing all the heavy lifting while the backups contribute in all the stanky roles and learn how to be the veterans of tomorrow. There are not many open starter jobs for this year, and when we make the SB there will not be many for the '18 team either.

    What the Cardinals can achieve over the next two years is build their future team with quality, experienced players who can extend the winning competitiveness already earned. The goal is to avoid 'cap hell' and the inevitable rebuild most SB teams struggle through. You know the drill, 'It's more difficult maintaining a SB-caliber team than making the SB.'

    We may be laying the groundwork now in avoiding paying a SB QB a going-rate contract, i.e. the Ravens to Joe Flacco or Seattle to Russell Wilson, which virtually kills keeping that winning roster together. We'll see...

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