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Thread: Jaron Brown & Kerwynn Williams

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    Quote Originally Posted by AriS. View Post
    A lot of fans treat Brown like the second coming of Jerry Rice. The guy is usually a training camp sensation. But like a lot of guys he doesn't quite produce when the lights come on. He's a decent 4th WR on a team. Lets see how he bounces back from the ACL. He might even be cut .
    Well I will never compare him to Jerry Rice since I don't think Brown will ever specialize in the three yard dink pass, catch and run like Rice. Anyway, this is Brown's chance with Slosh Floyd out of the picture. Oh and I will remind everyone that Brown saved the W in the Seattle road game in 2015 with a huge catch on a tipped ball, so he can always be loved for that. Oh and always remember Terrelle Smith kindly in your thoughts, he threw the block on the 4th down play where the Cardinals kept their winning drive alive. I'm convinced that if Smith misses that block it's game over.

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    Default Don't sleep on Brittan Golden

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cardattack View Post
    Would love to see him run back more kicks......

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