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Thread: On to our Cards 2017 WR and Te

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dry Heat View Post
    I'd argue Fitz is still Fitz and Nelson showed ability that looked as good or better than John Brown. We don't know if both Browns come back healthy, but I'm optimistic. We don't know about rookie Williams bit the team seems very high on him. We lost Floyd, gained a rookie who could replace him, and get both Browns back. I think we are good at WR, especially considering DJ is the best receiving threat RB in the NFL.
    Again, this is an example as to where our team is. In almost every aspect of the game there are questions. On the positive side, I truly believe that we can be just as good if not better.

    I've said it before, but this will be an interesting season. For me, this will tell us a lot about how good BASK is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itancan View Post
    Time for the WR and TE. First let me say I think the WR position is way over rated. One of the few areas I agree with BA on is WR. I would never draft a WR or TE in the 1st round. Simply because for the WR it take another person to get them the ball. A great QB can make a WR. A great WR can't make a QB. I think you can find a good WR in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th round. One that can still be a #1 target.

    Larry is still a good WR. He isn't great anymore simply because he has lost a couple of steps. And he didn't really have that speed to loose. One of the knocks on Larry coming out of college was his speed. Ne never had that extra gear. He has been a great WR for the Cards. Now they use him in a different way. More in the slot and more as a blocker in the running game. Ultimate team player.

    I'm going to combine JJ and Smoke simply because they are pretty much the same type of WR. Both rely on speed. Neither is going to win many 50/50 balls, simply because of their size. I actually think JJ is the better of the two. Seems like he is more shifty. He can run the jet sweep and reverse better than Smoke Both depend of their speed for separation. Both have decent hands. Neither are much in the blocking aspect simply because of their size. I also don't think either can be a consistent #2. I don't think either could hold up to the pounding. I also think their redundant. Actually would like to see one traded. Probably Smoke. Simply because I think JJ is better and Smoke has that sycle trait. Neither one of these guys should ever be the #1 target once the Cards get down to the opponents 20 yard line. Their major weapon (speed ) is take away simply because the field now becomes compressed.

    Jaron could be a solid #2 if he can stay healthy. A lot like Larry in that he doesn't have that extra gear. Very underrated in my estimation. Great rout runner, and good hands. Catches anything coming his way. Big enough to win his share of 50/50 balls. Think this kid could make this team if he is healthy all year. Enough speed to take it to the house, but not a burner like JJ and Smoke. Could become a solid #2 and take Floyds place.

    Williams is a rookie. Have no idea what he is going to bring to the table. Is he going to be able to block on running plays ? Is he a possession receiver or take the top off receiver ? It's hard to break into the NFL as a rookie WR. If he has 30 to 40 catches and shows potential I'll consider it a good year.

    The rest are just a jumbled mess right now. I have a couple I'm rooting for. One is the 6'6 kid from Rutgers. He could be a load in the red zone. Other than that a couple might make the practice squad. One at best might make the active roster. They also have to show they can play special teams.

    Gresham is our one proven TE. Love the way he plays and the attitude he bring to the offense. Not a great TE but a very good one for this offense. Better blocker than I though. Which out TE have to be. Our TE are more an extension of out tackles. Their blocker first and then receivers later.

    Nichlas is running out of time. Has all the tools to be a success. Needs to stay healthy and finally contribute. Not much more to say about him simply because he has been hurt so much. Not much to go on. He has shown flashes in the brief time he has played.

    The rest of the TE don't do much for me. Most are WR that out grew the position. So their undersized and can't block for the running game. One position that can be very easily up graded and needs to be. I know Fells regressed last year but to me he was better than any of the remaining TE once you get past 1 and 2.

    One thing about out TE. They to me are under utilized. Especially in the red zone. Why Palmer would rather throw a fade to Smoke or JJ instead of a jump ball to a TE is beyond me. I think we leave a lot of points on the table when Palmer does that. Were ok with Gresham as our #1. We need an up grade on the whole position after that. Especially if Nichlas gets hurt and misses time again.

    Well that's it for the WR and TE. Probably my least favorite position on a football team is the WR.

    Thoughts ?
    Brown is a much better route runner than JJ and has much better hands. JJ straight line speed is incredible and he is ofter the 3 or 4 where Brown is a legit No. 2 and gets covered like it. After is was clear that Floyd and Both Browns were done last year, Gresham became a major target. Consider that he was targeted 19 times in the first half and 42 times in the second half of the season. Clearly a big adjustment was made by the coaching staff.

    As far as Larry is concerned. He may not have blazing speed but the amount of dirty work he does in our O can't be overlooked. He is sure handed, a great route runner, doubled all the time and makes almost every contested catch. He's also a great blocker and a big reason Johnson had such a big year. Larry took an incredible beating last year on both running and passing plays. He was great by any measure last year. The amount of work he is asked to do and the physical beating he took at his age is remarkable and shouldn't be overlooked.

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    The Cards #2 receiver is David Johnson. He totally obliterated Floyd last season as well as many other better WR's in the NFL.

    David Johnson 2016: 120 targets 80 receptions 879 yards catch% 66.7

    Mike Floyd 2016: 76 targets 37 receptions 488 yards catch% 48.7

    Really, our #2 receiver search is more about who can get the leftovers or PRY plays away from Fitz and DJ.

    Unless somebody makes a massive move in the WR ranks I expect those leftovers will be scattered about amongst the remaining players.

    The best chance of that changing is for John Brown to return to 2015 form when he had 1000+ yards on the year.
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    All I want is to see some consistency from our receiving group. Consistent route running, playing time, blocking and catching the balls that hit them in the hands. Too frustrating last year with the drops, poor routes and just bad teamwork.

    Hopefully the illness and injury bug is managed or behind us and we don't need to worry about extended happy hours.

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