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Thread: Just curious....

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    Yeah as really became a huge fan with Kurt Warner joining the team. Classy guy on and off the field.
    Very much in May!

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    mid 2000s for me when the internet became more of a thing and I was in my late teens. before that all you could see over here was the super bowl (and maybe the championship games), all in the middle of the night. had relatives following the nfl and saw some nfl europe. then came across an older KW segment, liked him, saw he was with arizona and thats porbably the main reason I became a cards fan...also larry of course...

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    Replying to this thread takes me way back. It's interesting for me, though, when making my mark on the poll question. Have been a fan of the Cardinals since their Chicago days when my father and uncles were season ticket holders. While my schoolboy days never saw a winning season they entralled me with stories of when they were the champions and grabbed the attention of NFL fans. I especially loved the how and when they dominated the crosstown Bears. While they were only an also-ran during the 'fifties they were competitive against Halas' team, close to .500 with them.

    My first childhood heroes were Comiskey Park athletes, Nellie Fox of the White Sox (he was smallish like me and batted left-handed like my father taught me) and Ollie Matson the Cardinals DJ of that era and radio character, 'The Lone Ranger,' and real person and TV character, Davy Crockett.

    Now I've done it! For the rest of the day I'll be whistling long ago tunes or singing the 'M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e' song. Before long my wife will be questioning my sanity. Maybe I'll tell her I'm rehearsing the song to teach it to my 4 year-old granddaughter tomorrow when she is visiting. My daughter will just love that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by thomas cat View Post
    I use to subscribe that. It was the bible back in the day. I wonder if its still around.

    And to you, do you remember Joel Buchsbaum ? He was a football guru that was often on KMOX. That guy knew every thing about every college football player there was. At least it sure seemed like it.

    I don't think most realize how hard it was to follow a team that was not local back then. No internet, no ESPN, no NFL network, just scores, and if lucky, the occasional story about your team.
    Buschbaum, yes I do. I was born and raised in Missouri like Itancan, school years were in a small town 50 miles out of St. Louis, St.Clair. After I graduated HS in 1970 I went to work for Chrysler Truck Plant in Fenton, Mo. ( It's all gone now, just a BIG empty field were 2 Factories once put out 45 cars (Car Plant) and 42 Vans/pickups an hour (truck Plant)). That job allowed me to go see a few Football (and Baseball games) in St.Louis during the Coryell years. With 1973-74 seasons spent out west In California and overseas (Germany) while in the Army. Didn't get to see many Cardinal games on TV that 74 season. Only when I came home on leave. Did not get to see the Loss to the Vikings in the 1st rd. Just read about it in the paper. So much has changed since then, been almost 39 years since I last lived around there.

    As for the Rams, no never a fan. But up until last year the Wife and I could go see the Cards when they player the Rams at least once a year. Now that's gone too. Last game there there were more Red Cardinal jerseyed Fans waiting in line then there were Blue jerseyed Rams fans. St. Louis has been jilted twice by the NFL. Wonder if they will Ever get another Team?


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    I'm an Arizona desert rat, born and raised. Prior to the Cards coming I was a devout Oiler fan. Warren Moon was my favorite. I was torn when the Cards moved in. They were so poorly ran it was hard to jump on board, but I loosely followed them. Then the Ultimatum happened in 1993. I followed religiously hoping Joe would keep his job. Two things happened after he was fired: 1) I faithfully watched the Cardinals every step and 2) I boycotted Bill Bidwill. (That boycott was serious and lasted forever). In spite of that, I've probably missed a handful of games since 1994. Yes, I even watched the Dave McGinnis years. Ugh.
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    Since 1964, St Louis Cardinals They went 9-3-2
    that year.
    Dad liked the Colts and my brother was a Packer Fan
    I'm the only one of us three that stuck.

    A few years later the Cardinals hired Charlie Winner
    to be their head coach.

    Here are some cool facts

    Coach Wally Lemm

    Story about Coach Lemm


    Coach Charlie Winner
    Charlie Winner is 93 years old and among the
    living former head coaches.
    He is Weeb Eubank's (New York Jets former HC) son in law
    Coach Winner was also POW in WW2

    Article on Coach Winner:
    Makes me feel like a Kid again

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    Interesting question. Especially given the home city history, ownership , quality of product and being a founding original team. Originally a 5k purchase now worth billions.
    AZ native here. Total homer everything (ASU NOT WILDCATS)
    I, being an NFL fanatic since 7 years old, was completely disappointed by the announcement of the Cards coming to be our home team. All I could think was why couldn't we get a better team. 1988... Couldn't get on board. 1989? I decided to experience a live NFL game. Immediately adopted that ugly scrapper step child. To this day, after much suffering, I still say the turning point in Cards history was Jake Plummer.
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    Put down the family's roots in AZ during the 1998 NFL season and watched the Cards beat the Cowboys [great joy!] before they lost to the Vikings. Decided then to embrace the home team for good or bad since they'll bury me here anyway.

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    I went to ASU in 1991..... one Sunday, I strolled by the stadium and someone was selling $5 tickets for nose bleeds.... I bought the ticket, noticed that the lower level was not full, saw a guy from one of my classes that worked the stadium, he let me get in the lower level... sat down watched the game.. the rest is history....

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    Went to my first Phoenix Cardinals game in 1990 .. I still have the velvet snap back Phoenix Cardinals hat! I was like 8 years old I think and I remember it was Phoenix Cardinals Vs. The Philadelphia Eagles .. Tim Rosenbach vs Randall Cunningham.. Then a few years later I gt my first Cardinals jersey--- Garrison Hearst!!!!!!! Now I'm 25 and a season ticket holder! GO cards!

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