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Thread: Our 2017 Cards O line

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    Like I said. Constructive differences of opinion.

    Twickers bound.

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    There are some question marks but overall it looks solid.

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    Cole Toner said in an interview today on 98.7 that he is working at center and some of the coaches feels this maybe his future. That tells me 2 things -- Toner as an Ivy Leaguer can handle the line call responsibilities and it would appear the coaches like what Boehm did at end of last year at RG.

    P.S. Also glad to hear that Iupati lost 20 lbs and has hired a chef -- nothing like drafting his replacement in 4th round for him to get the message to be in better shape. I am hoping the loss of weight helps his mobility especially in improving his pass blocking ... hmmm, maybe he'll be able to block on screen plays downfield with DJ or Logan.

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