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Thread: **The Official BUDDA BAKER Hype Thread**

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    Quote Originally Posted by WVcardsFan View Post
    And that's exactly what Keim's drafts have been-- far better than most.

    2015 brought in Humphries, Golden, David Johnson and Nelson. That could end up rivaling the '04 Draft.
    2016 brought in Nkemdiche (gotta get on the field), Chandler Jones (this "pick" alone makes the whole class worth it) and Boehm (I still think he is a Center.)
    2017 is still waaaaay too early to judge, but both Reddick and Baker look solid.

    You wanna see bad drafts? Look up Seattle since 2013.
    Ok fair enough, but lets analyze this a little bit.

    Humphries...he is in his third year, and his contribution has been small by anyones standard. Maybe he will be a star, but a #1 should make an impact yr 1 if not year 2. Its yr 3....still not much...well see, and I hope he does work out.

    Golden, David...excellent picks.

    Nelson. I wasn't for him because of size, but he has impressed me. Still at his size, will he hold up. We'll see.

    Nkemdiche...another 1st round pick that has yet to contribute. Maybe he will be a star, but at this time, thats a big if.

    Chandler Jones...not a draft pick. He cost us a 7th overall draft pick ( Cooper, that by the way is starting for the cowboys excellent OL ) plus a second round pick. Chandler is good, but was it worth that.

    Boehm... I agree he should be playing center. Not a star but probably better than Shipley. least he's playing. Verdict is yet to be determined, but I'm hopeful.

    Budda Baker...I do not blame him for the touchdown. Again, verdict yet to be determined and I'm hopeful.

    So.....this is 3 years of drafting. Certainly not a bust. On the other hand, of the last 3 years of drafting, only JJ is making a significant contribution this year. Sure there are others doing things, but other than JJ, no stars that are playing now
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    Quote Originally Posted by thomas cat View Post
    Me too. I don't think even the most optimistic fan can say we have drafted well in the past 3 years. I'm sure there some teams that have done worse, but if you expect to be a Super Bowl contender, you have to draft better than most.

    Great teams are made with great draft choices ( well more often than not ) not free agent pickups.
    Can't agree thomas cat with your assessment of the Cards Drafts nor how Teams in general become great.

    I see a disappointed fan starting to ride the blame someone wave. That wave riding does not have a good ending......


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    Told ya

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