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Thread: Chad Williams the Ghost

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    Quote Originally Posted by cardinalsDO View Post
    He is bad. You guys are just putting a positive spin on. He hasn't proven anything. Even in that preseason game, he didn't play well. He just didn't play awful like he normally does. He still couldn't cover and held a lot; he just didn't get called for it. Some of the statements you guys are saying are so incredibly subjective and can apply to anyone including the worst player available. To say he is improving says nothing. Improving from what? If your baseline state of play is awful and you play a little better than that then he is "improving"? And we are happy with this? We let a Pro Bowl alternate and very underrated corner in Marcus Cooper walk. The year before that, we had a very competent corner in Jerraud Powers and he was let go for dumb reasons (ie he didn't show enough chutzpah on the sideline)
    I personaly am happy with his progress. I think he has turned a "corner" with his learning and will really start to improve the more he gets exposure. The kid doesn't give up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazy-Canuck View Post
    Cooper got money whipped by Chicago. Check his contract and tell all that you would have signed that deal.

    And Powers wanted "big" money. He ended up with a one year deal with the Ravens and is now out of the League. Close observation of his play during his last season showed clearly that he no longer had the wheels to play outside.
    It's a good thing for Cooper that Chicago didn't pop in a tape of the NO game before giving him that contract. If he lined up any deeper in press coverage he would have been in the end zone tunnel.

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