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Granted its preseason, but football is still football:

- Mitch Trubisky looked stupendous in his debut. He was throwing lazers while on the run. Guess we can say its a win that the 49ers didnt take him.

--- And while we're on the subject of the Bears...Mike Glennon. Finished the night with a 0.00. In Preseason. For the love of Allah people, Glennon. Flippin. Sucks. STOP STOP STOP the Mike Glennon talk. He is Skelton. He is Max Hall. He is every trash QB we've ever had. Please let that topic die.

- My QB pick, Deshone Kizer, also looked really good for the Browns. Ill be so disappointed if we once again missed out on a franchise QB.

- Leonard Fournette runs with crazy power. He runs at guys as if hes a fullback trying to make contact. Looks like an unstoppable goal line runner.

- Mcaffrey looked good. He is so small he disappears behind his lineman, and then dives forward for extra yards. Carolina would do good to get him in space. They ran him up the middle every run. Hes not a up-the-gut guy. Hes a outside/space runner.

- Deshaun Watson looked good. Long term I dont think hes a winning QB, but he looked better than expected.

- Speaking of the Texans, Zach Cunningham, that 3rd LB behind Reddick and Foster, led the team in tackles. Always in on the play. He has a good nose for the ball.

- The Bills are my pick for "most improved team" (other than ourselves). They looked electric on O and D. Added Boldin last week as well. Good leadership.

- the falcons have a pretty darn good punter returner.....Andre Roberts.

- Carson Wentz was perfect in his Eagles outing. Guess the Cards also won the Rams Goff/Wentz sweepstakes. Good thing our rivals also suck at finding QBs. Seattle excluded.

Relax, it's game 1 of the preseason.