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I'm down in Tucson and I am watching it on http://sportsarefree.xyz/ktvu you can try that.
A Shout Out for doho7744 for the link last night! I had tried all the other suggestions but yours was the only one that worked for me. Thank You!

A good preseason game from the Team. 3rd stringers still struggling some but most of those are rookies and UDFAs as to be expected. 5 th rd pick T Will Holden at LT was causing BG some discomfort with his blocking, responsible for at least 2 of the 4 sacks BG took. Rookie growing pains at the expense of the 3rd QB.

Could not believe the posters still bashing DS even after he had an outstanding night. His and the 2nd Team O had a better 3rd down efficiency than the 1st team. And both had a combined 80% before the 3rd team took over. That was a Major kudos to the O. But baggers will still bag, go figure.

Very good to see the team play like they did this early in the PS. Just want to see it continue and carry on into the RS. Go Cards!