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Thread: The experts said this QB class was weak.

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    Default The experts said this QB class was weak.

    OK this is a bit if a gloat as I completely disagreed, but, looking at camps and pre season so far. It isn't beyond the realms, that by Thanksgiving, four, Trubisky, Watson, Keizer and Mahomes could all be starting for their teams, on merit, and not because of an injury crisis.

    That looks to me like pretty great early returns for their teams, who probably all thought about 2018 when making the picks. Even Chicago when trading up for Trubisky.
    Logan Woodside is not a day three pick, he is the best QB in college.

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    Default Week 1 Results

    Watson 1 win.

    Kizer very competitive in a loss.

    Tubinsky and Mahomes DNP, TBD.

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