A strong argument can be made that Anquan is within the Top Ten of Cardinal players since the team has been in Arizona. In these days following his retirement announcement I have been disappointed in the short-memory coverage of his playing career in the national media. Maybe I have missed what has been out there, but I don't think I'm much off-base in my own reaction?

Anyway, what say you Valley fans? Should Anquan be seriously considered for the Ring Of Honor? I do. His contributions, both on and off-field character, lockerroom charisma, uber toughness only begin any discussion of what I think this man meant to those Cardinal teams he played on. He wore No.81...a most battle-worn one first given to HOF player, Jackie Smith, and then further honored by, Roy "Jetstream" Green. You can certainly say that Anquan did the near impossible of adding to the legend of that No.81.

So, before the news cycle shifts into 4th gear as the pre-season nears its end, what is your reaction to my question? Any takers?...and should it take place before Larry's own tribute?