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I was against a long-term deal. Still am.

It wasn't this year or next that are the issues....he'll very likely play at a high level. It's 2019 and 2020.

I'm not sure if they could have so over-paid on a 2 year deal that he wouldn't have been able to turn it down. I know they sweetened it short term, but I mean almost put 4 years of pay into 2. Not sure if that's possible in the CAP era, but long-term old guys don't work. The wheels come off fast for most players.

See Iupati as exhibit A.
He can be cut after 2018 with only a 3 million dollar dead money cap hit. If he's still producing he can be cut after 19 with only a 1.5 million dead money cap hit.

It's really a 2 year 27 million deal with 2 option years for the Jags.