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Thread: Cardinals will start Kerwynn Williams at running back

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    I don't have a problem with starting Kerwynn. I just don't think he can handle more than about 15to maybe 17 touches a game. That's where CJ comes in. Lets face it we all know AE can't run the ball. Gets stuffed way to much for either minimal yardage or lost yardage. Ok as a pass receiver but that's about it. plus CJ is the best blocker for pass protection. And I think he still has enough left in the tank to be effective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thomas cat View Post
    If it were up to me, I would make Chris J the starting back. He was well on the way to a 1000 yard year when he was injured in 2015. After that.....well...DJ took over.

    Yes he is 2 years older, but his body/legs should be relatively fresh with limited playing time. I don't know how much gas in tank Chris has left, but let's find out.

    As far as the upcoming Colt game. Whoever the RB is, they may have a tough time. Since the Rams beat the Colts 46 to 9, I figured Todd Gurley must of had a great day......Well not so much.....19 ATT 40 YDS for a 2.1 AVG.

    I guess we'll see how well RB by committee works out.
    Excellent post!
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