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Thread: *** Arizona Cardinals Next Head Coach Candidates thread ***

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    Quote Originally Posted by AriS. View Post
    Bill B has a personality but it's irrelevant in context to his genius.

    I love everything about how NE approaches football (perhaps minus deflating balls and the video thing). They are all on the same page with the media and don't engage in B.S.
    And BB is a madman in regards to preparation. While BA is writing books and drinking on the boat I venture to say BB is in his football lab.

    Lombardi was all about preparation, personal responsibility and discipline. He had a big personality but that's not what made him great.
    Don Shula had zero personality same with Tom Landry.
    Parcells had a big personality but he was all about preparation and execution.
    The other two guys who were brilliant was Hank Stram who basically invented play action and Bill Walsh. Stram was a huge personality again he was all about preparation. Walsh had very little personality but he was inventive and out prepared his competition for years.
    Coughlin was a great coach and very much like Chuck Knoll. These were not personality guys. They were fundamental solid football guys who demanded discipline and effort.

    It's all about the approach, creativity, ability to see talent and coach it up, personal responsibility and discipline. Personality is much less important than knowing how to push the buttons on different player personalities to get the best out of them. Coaches with big personalities can take some of the heat off the players but if they don't win they can lose the players fast.
    BB is all about preparation, creativity and discipline. One of the things that makes Brady great is he is exactly the same way as a player.
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    Think you need to cross Todd Downing off this list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClutchDJ View Post
    Think you need to cross Todd Downing off this list.
    Maybe. Too early to tell. Carr is coming off injury so it might take them a bit to groove.

    Hes not my 1st option. Just an option.

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