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I’m noticing Arians is way too emotional and becoming too reactionary as a play caller. For someone who is considered a Quarterback Whisperer Arians does not have even keel emotional range that great quarterbacks have. You would think a playcaller would understand the importance of not getting too high or too low. But it seems he doesn’t
Another example is that ridiculously-stupid challenge flag he threw in the Dallas game on the non-catch by either Nelson or John Brown. Took no time to analyze, just toss the flag. Took just a few seconds for the ref to come back to signal the start of play so it was obviously the right call. When a coach does something that stupid it says he's lost control. Well it says that in year 5, maybe in year 1 some will say "yeah baby! we got a coach who will take it on faith from his player and take some CHANCES!" Back to The Whisperer being Rex Arians.