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IMO Ajayi wont help them much. They have big issues on the oline, bringing in another RB wont resolve that issue, just like it didnt for the Cardinals when they signed AP. The media is gushing over this trade calling Ajayi a blockbuster trade because of how good he was last year, rushing over 1000 yards and rushing for 8 TDs. Well Blount last year also ran for over 1000 yards AND rushed for almost 20 TD's. Yet he isnt having a similar year this year and it got worse when they lost Peters. Both are similar backs, power north and south, though Ajayi has more speed. Im just saying, this wont be a blockbuster trade as people may think, at least IMO.

With regards to the Cardinals, I hope they dont trade for players. They need to stock up on draft picks and rebuild next year.
Ajayi is significantly better than Blount. Although Blounts main issue is personality. If he werent such a lockeroom problem, he would be a top back.

Even though Ajayi doesnt necessarily make a huge difference this year given their Oline is a weakness, theyve successfully added a star piece for the long term. RB is now a major weapon they have whenever they do eventually fix the OL. The more stars you have, the more likely youll be a good team someday