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We all know our special team has performed poorly for some time now....but how bad is it???

Well I did some research to see....

This was taken from this link. They use a complicated formula, but basically include all aspects of ST play.


These stats are from Amos Jones ST tenure.

In a nutshell, this is what it says.

2013 ranked 27th.....by the way, the year before he got here, we were ranked 11th.

2014 ranked 21st

2015 ranked 29th

2016 ranked 30th

2017 ranked 31st

By anyones standard this is unacceptable.
And this year they were going to emphasize ST with particular attention to players on the bubble. They wanted good athletes to turn this thing around.

Well we're 31st. It's easy to put this on BA because he wont fire his buddy. But at some point Bidwell and Keim have to step in and say enough is enough.

Clearly this organization gives lip service to winning.