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    As indicated in my screen name, as well as this thread title, I’m an Autistic/Aspie self-advocate. I don’t sell any products, so I don’t believe that I’m in violation of your anti-spamming rule, “Advertising or any form of commercial solicitation.” However, I do give away all of the knowledge that I’ve learned on the subject of Autism since I was diagnosed just over 8 years ago (at the age of 40), completely free. So feel free to ask me any questions on this matter and I'll be more then happy to answer them.

    My reason for coming to this forum is that I’ve been a football fan since before I was old enough to understand the game. I’m a 3rd generation Denver Broncos fan, but I got fed up with the backlash that I’ve receive for simply wanting the mods at the fan site that I was previously at to enforce the code of conduct rules as it pertained to the discussion of politics. This site, which I understand forbids all discussion of politics, is exactly what I’m looking for right now.
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