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Thread: Ranking the Cardinal Head Coaches of All Time/ Links

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    Default Ranking the Cardinal Head Coaches of All Time/ Links

    The site that put this together needs someone to teach them. As we contemplate firing
    the winningest H.C. in our history.

    1. They have BA ranked number 1 with a picture of Mike Holmgren

    2. Walt Kiesling is ranked 2nd Walt was 0-10 as the CARD-PITT head coach
    Walt would have gotten us the number 1 pick we need.

    Don Coryell was much better than #7

    Incredible read on Wikipedia about the next coach. The tale of the Gipper has a lot to do with him.
    Plus at the end read the part about the Japanese surrender and his ink pen, which is part of a legend.

    Jack Chevigny 1932 Time to honor this former Cardinal Coach WHO DIED SERVING HIS COUNTRY This is Veterans Month and this Cardinal veteran died the first day of landing on IWO JIMA in World War II.

    His grave:

    The list:
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    Here we are concerned about Who will be our QB next year. Will it be Carson Palmer one of our leaders We also wonder what happens with Coach Arians? Then there is FITZ who is like no other who has been here
    Can he be replaced if ever? This has been a terrible season for us all but:

    But then think about this guys.

    Who replaces a guy like Lt. Jack Chevginy when he is killed? We worry about injuries. We talk about next man up! Who is the next man up when your whole platoon is blown apart? A sergeant if your lucky. Maybe a corporal who knows? There is no time to even think about planning a draft a FA period when all that
    counts is the mission. You may be the next man up at age 18. Imagine that.
    My father showed me an old picture of many from China during World War II. It was a Chinese villager
    on his knees begging the leaders of his village to spare his life for being a traitor to the Japanese. I asked
    my father what happened. He said the villagers executed him. Makes THE NFL seem simple,
    a fumble an INT and we get mad.

    We are so lucky to have this game to watch. We are blessed to have a team the oldest team.
    I am fortunate to have a message board even during a bad season. All of this because of
    coaches like Jack Chevigny & players like Pat Tillman.

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