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Thread: Article: Matt Barkley Comes Back To Cardinals

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    Keim, for all his big misses sure gets gems. When he misses, he misses bad. But he sure finds a lot of diamonds in the rough. The ultimate river boat gamblng GM. He did get AD, Gabbert and now Barkley. He essentially has two potential starters at qb minus Stanton. Barkley eventually stunk but showed some flashes in Chicago and AZ. He might be a solid backup to Gabbert and a rookie qb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RimrockCard View Post
    do you even pay attention should come out from your great wall of roses every now and again see what others see and comments are rarely 100% factual..more like 10% factual and 90% poedunk hyperbole ,,,,Kinda my thing,, ..But you knew that,,,it is nice to see you are coming back out in the sun again!
    you will be waving and beating your copy of "The QB Whisperer" in no time
    The only way I could have a copy of "The QB Whisperer" is if you bought and gave it to me. Fixed income (SS) and retired.

    As for hyperbole and it's %........maybe...........maybe not too.............sometimes things just come out.

    And as much as I support DS's desire and "wanting to play Sunday", I am curious as to what BG can bring to the table in that game as well. Maybe BA will rotate them..............................

    Either way I'll be hoping for a road victory for the Team.


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