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The bottom line for me in this game is that we just don't match up well with the Rams on either side of the ball or on special teams. It's no one guys fault and I don't think we would win even if we had all our starters available. A weakness the Rams have is rush defense, I have seen that with other teams playing the Rams. It's a relative weakness and maybe not a critical weakness. I see the Rams taking the division and maybe the conference too, especially after the Seahawks exposed the Eagles. We have to retool because the Rams will be a problem for future years too.
Something you said made me think. When Seattle ascended to the NFC West penthouse it was "Seattle's a beast, they will have to be dealt with for a long time." Then 2015 happened. I don't recall anyone making the case that the Cardinals were now in control and would have to be dealt with for a long time. Now the Rams are the barn boss and they need to be dealt with for a long time.

I have a THEORY : Even after 2015 the Cardinals were viewed as soft, a finesse team if you will. They did their best to make the case in the Championship Game, that's for sure. Hate the Seahawks and the Rams all anyone wants, but they clearly play with an intensity the Cardinals can't or won't match.