Congrats to these guys. But is this not also an indictment on BA for cronyism with the players as well as staff (i.e. Amos)? I mean why weren't these guys getting looks sooner. I get it that guys develop at different rates but you can't tell me with what the TE situation has been that Ricky Searls couldn't have helped in spots to start the year. He didn't have to start but he could have been in packages. I mean he makes Gresham and Niklaus look like bums.

And you know Blaine has looked better than drew all year. You know he has. I thought Professional football was best guys move up the depth chart.

And finally an indictment on SK for his atrocious draft picks. He basically has been terrible at picking. When most of his picks aren't making an impact anywhere in the league i think it's a huge problem going forward.

If he misses bad on this draft he's gotta be done.

I am speaking to the choir I know....Whiz/Graves and now BASK are so similar in how they just get stagnant. It takes constant turnover, poking, prodding of the roster to stay relevant and young year to year in this league. The Cardinals have made huge strides but now is the next hurdle to find the GM/coach combo that can keep things on tilt so that guys constantly have to fight to be good every year.