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Thread: Open letter to Mike B and Lisa Manning re:Season Tickets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belac44 View Post
    When they first did this a few years ago it really made me mad. It was insulting our intelligence. Reading comments from many people on this board I see how they got away with haha.

    One thing I will say, it does help getting a higher price on some of the bigger games. Still a joke, but I try and find one positive for it. If I sell in person (not using a site) I can say face value even thought technically that is not what I paid for that particular game.

    I received and email yesterday from a guy asking me if I want additional seats for next season. Good way to get ahead of the wait list for seat selection in May. I replied I think its more likely people cancel than join a wait list. According to him, this season has the same rate as years in the past and he says a wait list will exist next season.

    This thread will never even be seen by any employee of the Cardinals let alone the person its addressed to. Send a letter if you want attention.
    You are very correct on some items here....

    I laughed at the call regarding adding seats....they aren't sold out and it's gonna be a big drop off this year from what I'm hearing in my area...our group of 4 plus the 8 guys behind us and the other group of 8 we talk to at half time have said they're all out.

    Re; them not reading it. That's where you're wrong. I know they monitor this board. When we got our season tickets Lisa Manning met me and my dad to help us choose our seats. She said, 'I know who you are and I'm here to make sure you get the best seats we can help you with.' She was super nice. She also asked about my drive over from California, which had no one been watching the board they wouldn't have known....and this was the old board. They do read the board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Beavers View Post
    Yeah I still get them and I've filled them out before mainly to just complain about the crappy wifi and horrible traffic exiting the stadium
    Interesting. I park in the green lot and to me the exiting traffic is pretty good. I remember when the stadium first opened it was a disaster, but then the "Pride Group" took over and it got a lot better IMO.

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